Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Seniority Lists

Ensure your seniority is correct as it plays a critical role in the placement of teachers.  Report errors within 10 working days of posting of the list to Human Resources by e-mail.  Ask your Principal for a copy of the list, if it is not posted by March 1 on the Board website.

Please note: tie-breaking in seniority only occurs for new hires during this school year.  The criteria for breaking ties is outlined in article 9 of the Collective Agreement, and reads as follows:

Should a tie occur based on the first day of work the following criteria shall be used to break the tie, if necessary:

1.  total years of secondary teaching experience with the Employer or its predecessor Employers; THEN   
2.  total years of teaching experience with the Employer or its predecessor Employers; THEN
3.  total years of secondary school teaching experience in Canada; THEN
4.  total years of secondary Long-Term Occasional teaching experience in Canada; THEN   
5.  total years of experience recognized for pay purposes as per article 5; THEN
6.  by lot conducted by the Director of Education or designate and the Bargaining Unit President or designate.    

The above criteria shall be applied and shown on the seniority list in advance for all teachers identified in clause 9.05.  In applying the above criteria, the steps shall be applied in order as required until the tie is broken.