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Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Contact Us

Members can reach the District 26 office personnel or the OTBU President using the contact information below.  Members can also reach any member of their Bargaining Unit Executive by clicking on the appropriate Bargaining Unit menu.

Tanya Crosbie
District Officer

Can help you with... General Inquiries, Pension and Benefits, Leaves, LTD, Professional Development, Retirement, Accommodations, Certification

Adrienne McEwen

TBU President

Can help you with... Confidential Teacher Inquiries, Alternative/Con. Ed/Home Instruction, Related Experience, Criminal Background Check, Performance Appraisals, Seniority


Elpis Law
TBU Chief Negotiator
& Contract Maintenance
Can help you with... Salary, Allowances, Pay, Staffing, Teacher Workload, PAR, Grievance/Arbitration


Cathy Tierney
Office Manager


Can help you with... General Inquiries, Management of District Office, Accounting, Releases
 Elaine Warner-Laxton
Occasional Teacher
Bargaining Unit (OTBU) President

613-272-2631 (h)
613-532-2264 (c)

Can help you with...  All matters relating to Secondary Occasional Teachers, Daily Occasional Teachers and LTO Teachers
Stephanie Sheeler
PSSP President

Can help you with... 
All matters relating to Professional Student Service Personnel.

Contact us by phone: 613-258-2410 or 1-877-826-7783

We are located at:

OSSTF District 26
Box 1081, Northside Mall
215 Sanders St, Suite 201
Kemptville, ON