Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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About the Staffing Process...

The Staffing Process is the procedure whereby teachers are staffed into their schools for the current or next school year.  Article 21 and Article 23 of the Collective Agreement defines the entire Surplus/Redundancy process as agreed to by the Parties as well as how to staff teachers during the school. 

The Joint Secondary Staffing Review Committee (JSSRC) is comprised of 3 Union and 3 Employer representatives, overseeing the entire Staffing process, and attending, reviewing, and monitoring all information and meetings described below. 

The Spring staffing process begins after March break and normally concludes by last week in June.  Please note, however, the parties may agree to extend these timelines.  For ease and quick access, the key parts of the staffing process are listed in chronological order.  Each link is designed to give members general details about the components within the whole staffing process. 

1. Seniority Lists (March 1)
2. Leave Requests (April 1)
3. System Redundancies (no later than the last Tuesday in April)
4. Surplus Declaration (first Tuesday in May)
5. Two Placement Meetings  (3rd week May to 1st Week June)
6. Displacement Process (begins 2nd week of June)
7. Vacancies for all Teachers (late June to next Spring staffing)

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