Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Vacancies outside of Spring Staffing

Vacancies outside of the Spring Staffing Process must filled in the following order:

1.   By Order of Seniority, place teachers into posted updated vacant sections for which they have expressed interest: 
      a)    provided the teacher is qualified or deemed qualified (DQ) in accordance with 21.03 above, for the assignment; and/or
      b)    provided mutual consent has been granted to teachers on SLOA or Recall, or to part-time teachers wishing to increase their entitlement.     

  • The onus is on the member to be cognizant of all postings.  Members are urged to visit the appropriate web page twice a week to review postings.  Members should also activate the job alert feature on applytoeducation.com
  • Members can express interest in any sections that are posted for which they are qualified and/or deemed qualified.
  • Members on SLOA, Recall or Part-time wishing to increase their entitlement can request Mutual Consent for those sections they are not qualified/DQ in (please ensure you complete the appropriate sections on the application form regarding mutual consent correctly). 
  • If you are currently partially employed as a contract teacher and also on recall, SLOA, and/or seeking an increase in entitlement, you can apply to enough vacant sections that will accommodate a transfer and removal (partial or all) from recall, SLOA, and/or to increase your time.  
  • Your application will be considered based on the "minimum" you state on your application - this "minimum"  plays a very important role in determining what (if any) sections you get.

2.   Other Internal Candidates:  Consideration shall be given to other internal candidates who have applied to the vacancies, before considering any external applicant.  

Other internal candidates include:

  • unqualified candidates applying to sections for which mutual consent cannot be granted, but a Temporary Letter of Approval is required
  • teachers applying to transfer into  sections for which  they are not qualified or deemed qualified
  • teachers on recall, SLOA, or wish to Increase their time who applied to sections for which they are not qualified, deemed qualified, and for which no mutual consent was granted
  • etc

  • Although vacancies may be a "package" containing different sections, any member is allowed to "unpackage" any of these vacancies and express interest in separate sections.
  • CAUTION:  You will not have the option to refuse a job placement should the employer reach your name.  That is, if you applied to sections, it is because you are ready/willing to accept these sections.
  • If you are, for example, currently assigned 3 contract teaching sections and apply to transfer to 2 contract teaching sections, you will NOT lose 1 section of entitlement if you are the successful candidate, but rather be placed on SLOA for 1 section.
  • If you are requesting Mutual Consent, you must ensure you complete that portion of the application form correctly.

When is a teacher removed from Recall List? 
A teacher will be removed from the Recall List on the first occurrence of any of the following: 
  • on accepting a secondary contract teaching position with this board of education. The teacher shall be placed on SLOA for the balance of their entitlement, if required; or
  • on the written request of the teacher; or
  • if during the Spring Staffing process, the teacher's seniority is within the range of final FTE eligible to be staffed as per 21 whereby the teacher shall be fully staffed at their home school, subject to surplus/redundancy; or
  • after expiration of the teacher’s right to recall (Each redundant teacher shall be retained on the Recall List to October 15th THREE calendar years after being placed on the Recall List for positions that become available)

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