Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada


One of the most important aspects of any collective agreement is the language surrounding aspects of our workload.  OSSTF has successfully negotiated workload language ensuring that all full-time teachers are assigned 6 of 8, and that the sizes of their classes are manageable.

All members must be vigilant when it comes to maintaining these working conditions.  The following documents are a synopsis of the workload articles of the Collective Agreement. Members are encouraged to review these documents to ensure that their rights are not violated.



Tally and Workload Information sheet
This document will allow you to keep track of your APA and MSIP assignments, given the maximum obliged to complete during the year.  This document also include other valuable workload information, such as, maximum amount of on-calls and supervision per day and week etc.  Members should make their Branch Stewards aware if there are any violations with respect to workload. Summary of the APAs based on FTE status will be shown below.

Class Cap Calculation Sheet

These sheets should be reviewed by all members (T.R. Leger teachers included) to ensure that their class sizes are not in violation of the Collective Agreement.  Members should advise their Branch Stewards as soon as possible if there is a class size violation.  Class caps will be below for reference.  Please see the Collective Agreement for more details.

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