Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Partial/Full Leave Requests

Leave requests for the following school year are submitted by April 1.  The request can be for the full year or for a partial year (equal to "decreasing your teaching time" for one school year only).  Any such request does not reduce your entitlement.  The Employer shall review the Leave request and a decision will normally be forwarded to the employee within seven (7) working days.

The Employer has created one form for all Employee groups - "Request for unpaid Leave".  OSSTF advises members to pay careful attention when completing this form and offers the following tips: 
  • "Yearly FTE of Leave" - use 0.17 = 1 section; 0.33 = 2 sections; 0.50 = 3 sections; 0.67 = 4 sections; 0.83 = 5 sections; 1.00 = 6 sections.  
  • Indicate if you wish to have your leave over both semesters (i.e. 1 section leave each semester)
Teachers are exempted from the Spring Staffing process for that portion for which hey are on approved leave.

Pregnancy and/or Parental Leave or Family Medical Leave
A teacher who is requesting a Pregnancy and/or Parental Leave or Family Medical Leave must fill out a different form titled "Notification for Leave - all Employees".  Teachers applying for a Pregnancy and/or Parental Leave for next school year should do so prior to the LAST TUESDAY IN APRIL (System Redundancy Declaration date) - the teacher will be exempt from being declared redundant, surplus, or displaced for those full semesters they will be on leave in the following school year.  Refer to Article 18 of the Collective Agreement regarding the process around your Statutory Right to Return early from a Pregnancy Leave or a Parental Leave.