Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

District Committees

OSSTF District 26 Committees

Any member of the District can apply!

Each Spring, the District solicits members who are interested in joining a District Committee for the following school year. Complete this survey if you are interested in submitting your name for consideration to be on any of the following district committees:

  • Communication/Political Action Committee (CPAC)
  • Committee for Equity and Diversity (aka Status of Women/Human Rights Committee)
  • Educational Services Committee (Ed Services)

For all committees above, please note that meals, travel, and child-care expenses can be claimed (as per the District rate). For more details, you can contact the District Office.

Communication/Political Action Committee (CPAC): CPAC has two main foci: Political Action and Communications. On the Political Action side, we assist our members in staying informed on the political environment that affects us as educators. We make direct contact with MPPs and local trustees, organize and engage in political protests, engage members in political activism through membership in our local Labour Councils, and support members in making an informed decision when voting at all levels of Government. On the Communications side, we undertake various initiatives to communicate information effectively to our members and with the public. CPAC is also responsible for organizing member engagement events (i.e. Calypso), community outreach (i.e. Sponsoring Coldest Night of the Year fundraisers), and coordinating the annual Student Achievement Awards for our district.

The Committee for Equity & Diversity (CfED) is an amalgamation of the Status of Women and Human Rights Committees. Together we work to promote awareness and understanding of various races, religions, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and social classes. CfED usually meets 3-4 times throughout the school year to coordinate activities and campaigns, including resource packages for schools, PD opportunities for staff, communications about equity-related events, and support for equity-based initiatives in our area.

The mission of the Educational Services Committee (Ed Services) is to foster and promote the professional growth of OSSTF members in order to enhance the quality of education and teaching expertise by providing support, direction, and professional development opportunities to members and the broader community.  The committee meets 4 to 5 times a year in order to plan and deliver at least two district-wide professional development opportunities for our members, to create and distribute the Educational Services newsletter, as well as to assist members in areas of research, professional development, curriculum, and issues of educational concern.

To apply to the committee:
Applications to Committees are found here: Committee Applications
Speak to a Committee Chair for more information if you want more information.