Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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PD Fund

The Secondary Professional Development Fund Committee (SPDFC) will approve the disbursement of funds to support the implementation of Secondary Teacher Professional Development as outlined in the Collective Agreement.  All applications to the PD Fund are reviewed by the PD Committee.  Applications are reviewed on a current basis.  Applicants can expect replies within a few days, in most cases.

Terms of Reference

1.  The SPDFC will fulfill the obligations as set out in the Collective Agreement

2.  The SPDFC will process requests and monitor expenses according to the provisions established for the following categories.       
All applications are processed on a first come first served basis.  Caps have been established for each semester to provide equal opportunity for use of the fund throughout the school year.   Expenses are disbursed from the fund as a whole, regardless of the category being accessed.

3.  The following limits apply for conferences (the Committee may waive the worksite limit if the Board Wide limit has not been reached):
  • Maximum 2 members to a single conference from each worksite 
  • Maximum 10 members to a single conference Board Wide
Teachers not receiving approval solely on the basis of maximum numbers will be so advised and may elect to attend at their own expense.  Requests for funding from surplus funds, if any, can be made by submitting an expense claim form.  The Committee will review requests for surplus funds at the end of each semester. Priority will be given to allocate any surplus funds to expenses incurred that semester.

Disbursement of Funds for all Applications other than Individual Credit Courses 
Applications are considered for approval on a “first come, first served basis”. Funds are reserved for expenses incurred each semester.  All approved applications will be reimbursed through regular payroll deposits as expense claim forms are received.
Disbursement of Funds for Individual Credit Courses
Teachers may submit an application for funding of registration only for a credit course such as an AQ or ABQ.  Expense claims for credit courses will only be considered if an annual surplus of funds exists after all other approved PD claims have been dealt with.  Where expense claims exceed the amount of funds remaining, the surplus will be equally divided among claimants up to the amount of their claim or the established maximum of $800.  In the event that no funds remain at the end of the year, Credit Course expenses will not be reimbursed.  If a Teacher requesting funding for a Credit Course has received other funding through the SPDF, the combined amount may not exceed the established maximum of $800.  In the event of a significant funding surplus, the Committee may raise the funding limit not to exceed the expenses incurred by the member.

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