Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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System Redundancies

The Joint Secondary Staffing Review Committee (JSSRC) reviews the FTE allocation and the status of active /inactive teachers for the next school year.  Given this information and by the last Tuesday in April, the JSSRC determines the Final FTE eligible to be staffed, system wide, using the system seniority list.  Teachers who are excess to the needs of the system, are declared redundant and are advised in writing, by April 30.

  • When the total FTE projected teaching staff required for the next school year is less than the sum total of active entitlement of all teachers on the seniority list for the next school year, the Employer shall declare teachers redundant to the extent of their active entitlement for next school year, starting below the teacher whose place on the list represents the final FTE teacher eligible to be staffed.  All remaining active teachers below this point on the seniority list shall be declared redundant.
  • is understood that when considering the FTE teachers eligible to be staffed, teachers on the current Recall List shall be considered "active" when calculating the point on the seniority list where teachers shall be declared redundant.  If it is determined that a teacher on the Recall List is on or above this point, they shall be removed from the Recall List and staffed to their entitlement at their home school. 
  • The final FTE eligible to be staffed shall be the total FTE projected teaching staff + 5.0 FTE.

Redundant Teachers

Redundant teachers shall not be considered on any school list during the school-based surplus declarations process, nor shall they participate in the placement meetings or displacement process.  Redundant teachers shall be placed on the Recall List.  The list shall include the teacher’s name, seniority date, home school, FTE entitlement, qualifications, including deemed qualifications, in accordance with Article 21.03 above.  

NOTE: ALL Teachers need to ensure that their qualifications and deemed qualifications are up-to-date and accurate.

When is a teacher removed from Recall List?
A teacher will be removed from the Recall List on the first occurrence of any of the following: 
  • on accepting a secondary contract teaching position with this board of education. The teacher shall be placed on SLOA for the balance of their entitlement, if required; or
  • on the written request of the teacher; or
  • if during the Spring Staffing process, the teacher's seniority is within the range of final FTE eligible to be staffed as per 21 whereby the teacher shall be fully staffed at their home school, subject to surplus/redundancy; or
  • after expiration of the teacher’s right to recall (Each redundant teacher shall be retained on the Recall List to October 15th THREE calendar years after being placed on the Recall List for positions that become available)

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