Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Understanding "Years of Experience"

New Teachers
All new teachers, including teachers on a Letter of Permission, have the opportunity to submit to the Employer, past teaching experience (including Long-term Occasional Assignments, College of Applied Arts and Technology, University, or Faculty/College of Education or teaching in an elementary or secondary school outside Canada), and other related experience in a profession, industry or trade  deemed relevant by the Employer to the teacher’s assignment. The Employer, given the above information, will determine the amount of "years" that is applicable and will credit you with such years on the salary grid, retroactive to your date of hire into the Bargaining Unit.  This is your initial grid placement.

In order for the Board to assess the above experience, the following documents must be gathered, compiled, and copies sent to the Board (Human Resources), as soon as possible:
  • Prior Teaching Experience - a letter from the institution stating length of service (dates), status (full-time etc.), and what you taught.
  • Professional or Trade Experience - a letter from your employer stating length of service (dates), status (full-time etc.) including hours worked per year, and a detailed account of your duties during your employment.
NB - If you were self-employed, or if your previous employer no longer exists, you will be required to create a notarized affidavit stating length of service, status (including hours worked per year, and detailed account of your duties during employment.  Supporting documents, such as T4 slips, Record of Employment etc. may be helpful.
The following sample letter/email should be used when sending the information to the Board (Human Resources):

Dear Human Resources Officer:

As a new teacher to the Upper Canada District School Board, I am requesting that you review the attached documents and consider such experience for initial grid placement.  Should any such experience be used for grid placement, I trust that the appropriate amounts will applied retroactively to my date of hire into the Bargaining Unit.

Should you have any questions or require any further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

<your name> <your school/site>

Advancing Vertically on the Salary Grid
Once employed in this Board, a teacher accumulates teaching experience, from year to year.  Such experience is limited to experience acquired within the Board, including long-term occasional teacher in the secondary panel.  A teacher who was on an approved 52-week pregnancy/parental leave (statutory leave) will have that experience accumulate (as if you were not on a pregnancy/parental leave).

On September 1st, the accumulated experience is totalled.  If the total results in partial years, the partial year is rounded up or down.

Example:  A Teacher begins in Sept 04 and is recognized as having 3.55 years of prior teaching & professional experience.

Salary Sept 04:  3.55 years gets rounded up to 4.0 years on grid
works part-time UCDSB teacher in 04-05: 0.67 years

Salary Sept 05:  3.55 + 0.67 years = 4.22 years gets rounded down to 4.0 years on grid
works part-time UCDSB teacher in 05-06: 0.67 years .  Also works LTO for 0.33 years

Salary Sept 06:  3.55 + 0.67 + 0.67 + 0.33 = 5.22 years gets rounded down to 5.0 years on grid
Increase entitlement to 1.0 contract in 06-07.  Goes on Preg/Par leave for whole year and returns in Sept 07

Salary Sept 07:  3.55 + 0.67 + 0.67 + 0.33 + 1.0 = 6.22 years gets rounded down to 6.0 years on grid