Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Homewood Health Solutions

Homewood Health is a Canadian company that specializes in providing employee assistance and work-health solutions for you and your family. The program provides counsellors with whom you can talk confidentially and in complete privacy by phone, in person or online. Together you can discuss various plans and approaches to the issues you are facing. They offer a full range of services including:
  • individual and family counselling: managing anger, anxiety and depression; controlling substance abuse; resolving family conflict
  • caregiver support services: new parent support;  childcare and parenting advice;  elder and family care resources
  • life planning consultations: financial; legal; career counselling; pre-retirement planning; shift worker support
  • Health Management Services: smoking cessation; 12 Weeks to Wellness; nutritional counselling; Health and Wellness Companion  
  • e-learning courses from relaxation to foundations of effective parenting, managing your time, understanding mental health and finding “new meaning” in work.

Who is eligible
EFAP is a free 24/7 counselling service for all employees of the Upper Canada District School Board and their dependent family members including children up to age 25 who are in full time attendance at a post-secondary institution. 
Can my job be affected
This service is fully endorsed by OSSTF District 26. The program is 100% confidential except by law (subpoena, child abuse). The counsellors are not employees of the Upper Canada District School Board and the Board receives no reports regarding who has accessed the service.  Face to face appointments are scheduled off site and after hours.  Employees and/or family members are never scheduled with back to back appointments with other employees of the same company.