Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Jesse Langevin

 WORKSITE:  Carleton Place High School
 JOB TITLE: Teacher

My name is Jesse Langevin and I am running for TBU secretary. I am currently serving as the TBU secretary and also serve as branch steward at Carleton Place High School. I have been in both of these roles for two years and wish to continue serving D26 members. My experience also includes time as district secretary, CBC rep at CPHS, AMPA delegate, and a member of the latest TBU negotiating team.
Through my various roles, I have been able to gain a lot of experience in executive meetings and been afforded the opportunity to attend numerous PSC regionals and the most recent PSC conference in Toronto. These excellent training sessions have allowed me to gain valuable knowledge on the various functions of the union and how to deal with school boards on different labour issues. These opportunities have also informed me on trends around the province and how other bargaining units are addressing these threats. Being in the latest round of negotiations, I have a deep understanding of our current TBU collective agreement and the outstanding grievances we have with our school board. I hope to bring this knowledge to the TBU executive for the next two school years.
Thank you,
Jesse Langevin