Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Application to District Committees

Each Spring, the District solicits members who are interested in joining a District Committee for the following school year.  Send an email to office@d26.osstf.ca (one email per committee) if you are interested in submitting your name for consideration to be on any of the following district committees:
  • Services Review Committee
  • Communication/Political Action Committee (CPAC)
  • Committee for Equity and Diversity (aka Status of Women/Human Rights Committee)
  • Educational Services Committee (Ed Services)
  • Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (Board level)
In your email, include your name, bargaining unit, committee you would like to be considered for, and briefly identify the most important contribution you anticipate making to the work of this committee.

Services Review Committee
The committee shall consist of a maximum of seven members:
  • At least one member of the committee should be selected from each Bargaining Unit within the District.
  • No member of a Bargaining Unit Executive or District Executive on time release shall be a member of this committee.

Committee is to examine and make recommendations on the:
15.4.1 the level and type of services District 26 offers its members, including ways of encouraging members to work at the District or within its committees; meeting mechanisms (conference call, day release, evening meeting, etc.); level of financial assistance available
15.4.2 any efficiencies that could be found within the current District 26 structure
15.4.3 system of time release for officers of the District;
15.4.4 level of remuneration, including travel remuneration, paid to officers, employees, and members of the District;
15.4.5 issues forwarded to the committee, from time to time, from any committee, body, or board or unit within the District.

Committee may meet at twice each Federation year;  make interim reports and recommendations, through its chair, to the District Executive as the committee deems appropriate; and make an annual report and  recommendations, through its chair, to the District Annual General Meeting 

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee

This is for members interested in representing OSSTF on the Joint Health and Safety Committee at the Board level (this is not for the District Health and Safety Committee comprised of Health and Safety Officers from each school.  Health and Safety Officers are still elected at the Branch level each June.)  

Two representatives are required, in addition to the District 26 Health and Safety Committee Officer who automatically sits on the JHSC.  Responsibilities include: attending meetings of the Joint Health and Safety Committee as a representative of OSSTF and attending meetings of the Regional Health & Safety Committee on the off-months of the school year when the Joint Health and Safety Committee do not meet as a whole.

Description of other District Committees (CPAC, Ed Services, Equity & Diversity) The size and selection criteria for each of these committees shall be as follows:
  • no fewer than eight (8) but no more than twenty-six (26) voting representatives, inclusive of the Chair;
  • The District Executive shall appoint from the nominations received, ensuring that priority be given to one representative per secondary school and one representative from each Eastern and Western non-school branch from the Teacher Bargaining Unit, one representative of the PSSP Bargaining Unit and one representative of the Occasional Teachers’ Bargaining Unit;

Description of CPAC: Attend at least 1 meeting of the committee; provide expertise and advice in improving communications techniques & by making recommendations for long-term communications strategies; promote the pride of Members in their own skills and contributions to their professions, students, clients, media and the community; provide advice and assistance to the Executive on curriculum issues; advise the District on matters concerning political activity at the regional and local levels; assist the Executive in preparing briefs to various levels of government on matters of concern to the Federation; establish liaison with, and organize actions in conjunction with other interest groups in order to deal with areas of mutual concerns, subject to the prior approval of the Executive.

Description of Committee for Equity and Diversity: Attend at least 1 meeting of the committee; monitor regularly the professional status of women Members of OSSTF and to advise the Executive on the need for appropriate action with respect to any developing trends; provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to women in OSSTF; encourage and promote respect for the rights and the diverse needs of all Members with respect to their personal and family obligations; recommend goals to be achieved in order to safeguard all of the human rights of members and to ensure that none of the human rights enjoyed by other Ontario residents shall be denied to members.

Description of Ed Services: Attend at least 1 meeting of the committee; foster the professional growth of OSSTF members in order to enhance the quality of education in Ontario, by providing direction, knowledge, skills and resources.