Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Qualification, Deemed Qualifications, and Mutual Consent

Code Course Title Qualifications to Teach
The Arts

ADA Dramatic Arts I/S Dramatic Arts

ADD Dramatic Arts-Production I/S Dramatic Arts

ADC Drama in the Community I/S Dramatic Arts

ADB Dramatic Arts-Music Theatre I/S Dramatic Arts

ADV Dramatic Arts-Film/Video I/S Dramatic Arts

ADF Director's Craft Sr. Dramatic Arts

ADG Dramatic Arts-Acting Sr. Dramatic Arts

ADP Dramatic Arts-Theatre Development Sr. Dramatic Arts

ADT Dramatic Arts-Canadian Theatre Sr. Dramatic Arts

ALC1O Comprehensive Arts Int. Dramatic Arts/Visual Arts/Dance/Music

AMU Music I/S Instr. Music/*Vocal (if teacher has instrumental background)

AMB Instrumental Music - Brass I/S Instrumental Music

AMC Music for Creating I/S Instrumental Music

AMD Electronic Music I/S Instrumental Music

AME Small Ensemble I/S Instrumental Music

AMG Guitar Music I/S Instrumental Music

AMH Stage-Band Music I/S Instrumental Music

AMJ Vocal Jazz I/S Vocal Music

AMK Keyboard Music I/S Instrumental Music

AMM Music and Computers I/S Instrumental Music

AMO Instrumental Music-Orchestra I/S Instrumental Music

AMP Instrumental Music-Percussion I/S Instrumental Music

AMQ Steel Drum - Music I/S Instrumental Music

AMR Repertoire I/S Instrumental Music

AMS Instrumental Music-Strings I/S Instrumental Music

AMT Music Theatre I/S Vocal Music&Instrumental

AMV Music - Vocal/Choral I/S Vocal Music

AMW Music - Woodwinds I/S Instrumental Music

AMX3M Music-External (Conservatory) Sr. Instrumental Music

AMX4M Music - External (Conservatory) Sr. Instrumental Music

ASM Media Arts I/S Visual Arts or background in Comm. Tech and English

AEA4O Exploring the Arts Sr. Dramatic Arts/Visual Arts/Dance/Music

ATC Dance I/S Dance

All other Dance I/S Dance

AVI Visual Arts I/S Visual Arts

All other Visual Arts I/S Visual Arts

Business Studies (an Honours Specialist in Business qualifies you for any course)

BAF Financial Accounting Fundamentals Sr. Business - Accounting

BAI Accounting Essentials Sr. Business - Accounting

BAN Accounting for Small Business Sr. Business - Accounting

BAT Financial Accounting Principles Sr. Business - Accounting

BBB Introduction to International Business Sr. Business - Marketing or Sr. Business - General

BBI Introduction to Business Int. Business (any discipline) or Int. Business - General

BDI Entrepreneurship: The Venture Sr. Business - Entrepreneural Studies or Marketing

BDP The Enterprising Person Sr. Business - Entrepreneural Studies

BDV Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture Sr. Business - Entrepreneural Studies

BMI Introduction to Marketing Sr. Business - Marketing or Sr. Business - General

BMX Introduction to Retail and Service
Sr. Business - Marketing or Sr. Business - General

BOG Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager
Sr. Business - Marketing or Sr. Business - General

BOH Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
Sr. Business - Marketing or Sr. Business - General

BTA The Digital Environment
Sr. Business - Info.Mgmt / Data Processing

BTT Introduction to Information Tech. Int. Business - Info. Mgmt / Data Processing

BTX Multimedia Solutions
Sr. Business - Info.Mgmt / Data Processing

Canadian and World Studies

CGC Geography of Canada Int. Geography

All other Geography Sr. Geography

CHC Canadian History in the 20th Cent. Int. History

CHV Civics (0.5 credit) I/S History

All other History Sr. History

CIE The Individual and the Economy Sr. Economics

CIC Making Economic Choices Sr. Economics

CIA Analysing Current Economic Issues Sr. Economics

CLU Understanding Canadian Law Sr. Law

CLN Canadian and International Law Sr. Law

CPC Canadian Politics Sr. Politics or Sr. History

CPW Canadian and World Politics Sr. Politics or Sr. History


ENG English I/S English

ELS Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing Sr. English

EMS Media Studies Sr. English

EPS Presentation and Speaking Skills Sr. English

All other English Sr. English

English Literacy Development

ELD Beginning Literacy etc. I/S English; I/S quals. + Reading

OLC Ontario Secondary School Literacy I/S English

English As Second Language

I/S English/ESL


FEF Extended French I/S French/FSL

FIF French Immersion I/S French/FSL

FSF Core French I/S French/FSL

Guidance and Career Education - not general studies

GLD Gr. 10 Discovering the Workplace Int. + Guidance

GLN Gr. 12 Navigating the Workplace Sr. + Guidance

GLS Learning Strategies I/S + Guidance

GLC Careers Studies Int. + Guidance

GPP Leadership and Peer Support Sr. + Guidance

GWL Designing your Future Sr. + Guidance

GLE Learning Strategies I/S + Guidance

Health and Physical Education

PPL Healthy Active Living Education I/S Physical and Health Ed

PSE Exercise Science Sr. Physical and Health Ed.

PLF Recreation and Fitness Leadership Sr. Physical and Health Ed.

PPZ Health for Life Sr. Physical and Health Ed.

PSK Introduction to Kinesiology Sr. Physical and Health Ed.

All Other Phys. Ed I/S Physical and Health Ed

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDC/IDP Interdisciplinary Studies I/S in 1 of the subject areas in the IDC/IDP course

Classical Studies, International Languages & Native Languages

LVG Ancient Greek I/S Classical Studies-Greek

LVL Latin I/S Classical Studies-Latin

LVV Classical Civilization I/S Classical Studies

LBA/LYX International Languages I/S International Languages

All other International Languages I/S International Languages

LNA/LNO Native Languages I/S Native Languages

All other Native Languages I/S Native Languages


M codes All Math I/S Mathematics

Native Studies

NAC1O Natives Studies I/S Natives Studies or I-Visual Arts
   NBE  English: Aboriginal Voices
 S-Native Studies or S-English

N codes All Native Studies I/S Natives Studies


SNC Science I/S Science (any discipline)

SVN Environmental Science S Science (any discipline) or Sci-General

SBI Biology I/S Science - Biology

SCH Chemistry I/S Science - Chemistry

SPH Physics I/S Science - Physics

SES Earth and Space Science I/S Geology or I/S Sci-General

Social Science and the Humanities

HFN Food and Nutrition Int. Family Studies

HFA Food and Nutrition Sr. Family Studies

HFC Food and Culture Sr. Family Studies

HIF Individual and Family Living Int. Family Studies

HHD Dynamics of Human Relationships Sr. Family Studies

HHG Issue in Human Growth and Dev. Sr. Family Studies

HHS Individuals and Families in a Diverse Sr. Family Studies

HIP Managing Personal Resources Sr. Family Studies

HLS Living Spaces and Shelter Sr. Family Studies

HNL Clothing Int. Family Studies

HNC Fashion and Creative Expression Sr. Family Studies

HNB The Fashion Industry Sr. Family Studies

HPC Parenting Sr. Family Studies

HPD Parenting and Human Development Sr. Family Studies

HPW Living and Working with Children Sr. Family Studies

HSC World Cultures Sr. Individual & Society and/or Senior Social Sciences

HSE Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice Sr. Individual & Society and/or Senior Social Sciences

HSG Gender Studies Sr. Individual & Society and/or Senior Social Sciences

HSP Intro to Anthropology, Psych, Sociology Sr. Individual & Society and/or Senior Social Sciences

HSB Challenge and Change in Society Sr. Individual & Society and/or Senior Social Sciences

HZB Philosophy Sr. Philosophy

HZT Philosophy Sr. Philosophy

HRE Religious Education I/S Individual & Society / Hist

HRF World Religions and Belief Traditions in Daily Life I/S Individual & Society / and/or I/S Hist and/or Senior Social Science

HRT World Religions I/S Individual & Society / Hist

Technological Education (Can be deemed in a Tech course if you have a tech qualification in another area)

TCJ Construction Technology B/A Tech - Construction

TDJ Technological Design B/A Tech - Tech. Design

TEJ Computer Technology B/A Tech – Computer Technology – B/A Tech -Computer Science, and/or Sr. Computer Science if the teacher had this qualification prior to 2010

TFJ Hospitality and Tourism Tech B/A Tech - Hospitality

TGJ Communications Tech B/A Tech - Communications

THJ Green Industries B/A Tech - Green Industries

TIJ Exploring Technology Basic Tech (any discipline)

TMJ Manufacturing Tech B/A Tech - Manufacturing

TOJ Child Development and Gerontology have B/A Tech – Health Care

TPJ Health Care
B/A Tech - Personal Services

TTI Integrated Technologies Basic Tech (any discipline)

TTJ Transportation Tech B/A Tech - Transportation

TWJ Custom Woodworking B/A Tech - Construction

TXJ Hairstyling and Aesthetics B/A Tech - Hairstyling and Aesthetics

Computer Studies

TIK Computer and Information Science Int. Computer Studies

TEE Computer Engineering Technology Int. Computer Studies

ICE Computer Engineering Sr. Computer Studies

ICS Computer and Information Science I/S Computer Studies or I/S Business - Data Processing

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