Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
26 Upper Canada

Conferences, Workshops and Non-Credit Courses

Guiding Principle
The intent is to support teachers going to external conferences/workshops or complete non-credit courses that will improve the delivery of educational programs and services to Secondary school students.
Process & Procedures
1. Applications should be submitted for funding pre-approval prior to the conference/workshop date or beginning the non-credit course.  However, applications submitted after the conference/workshop date or after the non-credit course begins may also be considered subject to the guidelines and available funding.

2. Pre-approval of funding support using the ICW Application Form is required to guarantee financial support from the SPDF. Non pre-approved applications will be dated upon receipt at the District Office and forwarded to the committee for review. Financial support of eligible applications shall be approved provided unallocated funds remain in the SPDF for the semester in which the activities occurred.  

3. After completing the attached form, a copy should be emailed to the OSSTF District Office. 

4. The committee will meet on predetermined dates to review the applications.  Approval and funding notification will be communicated to you via email by the start of the next week.

5. The fund will cover the following expenses: registration, accommodation, meals (up to $50 per day - max 2 days) and travel ($0.64 per km), up to a total of $800.00 (all expenses combined).  Receipts are required in all cases except mileage. In addition, up to ONE day of Occasional Teacher costs will also be covered only when required to release the teacher from classroom duties.  Schools must cover OT costs initially then seek reimbursement by completing and returning the Occasional Teacher Notification and Claim form to SPDF.

6. Submit, BY BOARD COURIER, the Secondary Professional Development Expense Claim Form with original receipts:  OSSTF District Office, Kemptville, ON.  

Reimbursement of approved expenses will be made through regular payroll deposits.  In order for your school to be reimbursed by SPD for approved release time the school/office administrator must complete and submit a Principal’s Occasional Teacher Notification and Claim Form through the Board Courier system in envelopes addressed to the Secondary Professional Development Fund Committee, c/o OSSTF District Office, Kemptville, ON.  KEEP COPIES OF ALL FORMS and RECEIPTS.

Added Considerations
7. Teachers may access ONE of the fund categories during the school year with the exception of Credit Courses which may be combined with another category.  Please recognize that applications for summer conferences/workshops or non-credit courses must be emailed no later than the end of the first week of June for consideration. 

8. Conferences, non-credit courses or workshops that fall on the first or last day of the school year, or during the examination period will not be eligible for SPD funding.

9. If you have been asked to present at a conference or workshop, the SPD fund expects that the organizing body for that event will cover registration and potential other related expenses depending on level of involvement in the conference/workshop..

10. Prepayment of conference/non-credit course registration fees is not required.  However, if you are unable to attend your conference/non-credit course, you must advise the District Office immediately so that funds may re-allocated to applications that may be on hold.  Applicants who are unable to attend their conference/workshop/non-credit course and fail to provide notification prior to the start date of the conference/workshop/non-credit course may not reapply to the PD fund in the current school year.

11. No more than 2 teachers per school will be approved for any one conference/workshop/non-credit course.  A maximum of 10 applicants will be accepted for any one conference/workshop/non-credit course.  A reminder that applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Others attending at their own expense may submit applications to be considered at the end of each year, in the event that there is a surplus of funds in the year’s allocation. 

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