Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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Individual Credit Courses

Guiding Principle
The Secondary Professional Development Fund Committee will accept applications for funding of credit courses taken during the current school year (September – August).  Credit courses include AQ’s and ABQ’s. 
NOTE: Reimbursement will occur only if there are surplus funds.  In the event that the PD Fund is fully allocated, expenses for credit courses will NOT be reimbursed.
Process & Procedure
The SPDFC will accept applications for funding of credit courses with the following provisions:
  • Applications for PD funds for a credit course will only be considered if surplus funds are available after all other applications to currently acceptable PD are dealt with. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on the number of applicants to any surplus funds. Teachers should not commit to expenses with an expectation of reimbursement;
  • Applications must be submitted by the end of the first week in June ;
  • Courses must be acceptable Professional Development opportunities;
  • Courses must have been taken during the current school year;
  • Teachers may apply, with original receipts,  for reimbursement of registration costs only (other expenses such as mileage, food or accommodations will not be considered);
  • Surplus funds, if any will be distributed equally among Teachers with approved applications up to the amount supported by receipts, not to exceed the current funding limit of $800.
How to Apply
Submit the Independent Credit Course Application form by the end of the first week in June.  Indicate registration expenses only and submit original receipt with your application.
Teachers who have accessed the PD Fund this year but will be taking a credit course should be aware that the combined reimbursement cannot exceed the established maximum of $800.  Notification of reimbursement should be received by the teacher mid to late June.

How to Receive Reimbursement
If there are surplus funds, you will receive a reimbursement on a regular payroll deposit.  The amount will depend on how many applications to surplus funds are received.

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